November 2017

Exploring The Spirit: The Way the Spirit Leads–Acts 20-21

Exploring the Spirit: What Does it Mean to Blaspheme the Spirit?–Matthew 12:22-31

October 2017

Exploring the Spirit: Samson in the Power of the Spirit – Judges 13-15

Exploring the Spirit: Gifts that Equip – I Cor. 12:1-13

Exploring the Holy Spirit in the Ministry of Jesus–Luke 3:21-4:30

Exploring the Spirit: The Holy Spirit in the Grand Creation – Genesis 1:1-4

One Day That Changed the World – Acts 17:1-15

September 2017

Bringing order to the religion box Mark 12:28-34

Church potlucks are about life’s deep questions Galations 2:11-16

What about me Isaiah 11:1-9